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поцоны, смарите чо я нашол

Тут можно выиграть колл оф дьюти модерн варфаре 2
правильные ответы:
1. Who is the developer behind MW2?
Infinity Ward

2. Which platforms is MW2 being released for?
PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

3. What is the release date for MW2?
November 10th 2009

4. Who is the well-known community manager / creative strategist for MW2?

5. Which of these is a confirmed new feature in the game?
Dual-wield handguns

6. What is the name of the MW2 comic book series being released?
Modern Warfare 2: Ghost

7. The MW2 dev team are using the same IW 4.0 game engine as used in COD4.
False - it's one iteration on

8. Who is publishing the game in Japan?
Square Enix

9. What is the name of your new unit in MW2?
Task Force 141

10. Who will you play as during the MW2 single-player campaign?
Sargeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson

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    чо за херь, почему половину адекватных юзеров ф-сайта забанили?

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    http://lenta.ru/news/2010/01/13/extreme/ Давайте все шутеры запретим, а тов. селезнев видимо играл на хвохе или ллойке, я так понимаю?

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    Всех с Новым годом! Осталось всего 2 часа)

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